Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Car Wash for Kids

Mommy and Daddy have all of their supplies together to make us a special surprise! They won't tell us what it is but we think it's going to be really cool!

I'm not sure what this is for but I like it!

I'm helping Daddy as he drills some holes.

This is great! It is 1,000 degrees outside and this is keeping us cool!

Trip to the City Part 1

We started our day off by riding the bus from our house to the bus/train station. It was Mommy's first time and boy was she excited. We got on the 'L' and rode it downtown. A new Chick-fil-A just opened up and our friends wanted to try it out so we went along.

We walked all over the city and we were very tired.

Trip to the City Part 2

We took a water taxi ride down the Chicago River. It was great to see the city from the river and the weather was perfect.

Corn on the cob anyone?

Swimming Classes

Learning how to float and getting comfortable putting my face in the water!

My favorite part was playing in the water with my class while we sang songs!

I was super excited to learn how to dive until...I did my first belly flop and back flop. They hurt so bad that I was scared for a little while to dive. But I got over and got back on my horse!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday!

Today is my 7th birthday. When Mommy and Daddy asked me what I wanted to do, I told them that I wanted to go to American Girl Place. So off we went for the afternoon. This was a fun place to take our picture. The girl on the far left isn't part of our family.